Christmas Hair Tie Gifts for Friends - Tribe Gifts - Friendship Gifts

Women know the importance of finding their tribe. There are few feelings more secure than knowing you are with your ladies and they will be there for you through thick and thin.

We believe that these invisible ties are what keeps friends so close over the years and over long distances. We’ve created a line of treasured hair ties to play on that theme of invisible ties and to remind you that when you wear one of these hair ties you are sharing your tribe’s colors.

These hair ties feature a symphony of color with gold hues making them fun, funky, and fantastically chic. If your tribe rocks all things gold then these hair ties are ideal for gifting to your favorite ladies anytime you want to thank them for being who they are.

Each of these hair tie favors include the following components all wrapped in an individual cello envelope:

- (1) Personalized favor card

- (3) Hair ties including:
* Red Plaid hair tie
* Gold glitter hair tie
* Black hair tie

The quote on these hair tie cards have the following:
Top: "all things merry and bright"
Bottom: "Christmas 2018"

*The bottom text on the card can be customized with a minimum of 5 sets. Please include the exact text you would like printed on your personalized cards in the 'Custom Message' text box.

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