Buffalo Plaid Christmas Party Favors - Hair Tie Gifts for Friends - Stocking Stuffers

Comfy Cozy Are We! 

These hair ties are perfect for Christmas party favors, gifts for friends, and stocking stuffers.

Each of these hair tie favors include the following components all wrapped in an individual cello envelope:

- (1) Personalized favor card

- (3) Hair ties including:
* Buffalo Plaid hair tie
* Black glitter hair tie
* Scarlet hair tie

The quote on these hair tie cards have the following:
Top: "Comfy Cozy Are We
Bottom: "Friends Forever, Tied Together"

*The bottom text on the card can be customized with a minimum of 5 sets. Please include the exact text you would like printed on your personalized cards in the 'Custom Message' text box.

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