2020's Top Baby Shower Trends
April 15, 2020

2020's Top Baby Shower Trends

Baby showers are a milestone not only for the family, but friends who are like family too. Everyone loves showering the mamas-to-be in their own way. A friend once flew to another continent to celebrate mini-reunion style with boozy (or non-boozy for the mama) brunches, beach parties and a concert. Who said baby showers need to be just sheet cake and streamers?


Enchanted Forest

A popular decor staple has been living walls, and while I’m still a fan, why not spruce it up and transform your shower into an enchanted fairytale forest. Start with the invites, with watercolor illustrations and top it off with with wildflower topiaries, gilded bird cages, delicate floral China and “lightning bug” lit centerpieces. You can even get a bit whimsy with different style overstuffed seating, candelabras and hanging flowers.



Balloons and balloon walls have been a big hit (Khloe Kardashian and her bestie Malika, anyone?) lately. Make unique statement pieces by incorporating some of your favorite flowers or keepsakes, or keep it to balloons of different sizes and colors. Also, forget those old school mylar balloons, and consider incorporating balloon mosaics to spell out important words and phrases, or create unique designs. They’re almost like a 3-D version of trendy letterboxes, and a new take on light boxes.



Next up, we have plaid and lumberjacks. But, not what you might be thinking. Have you noticed that all the rage (no pun intended) is axe throwing? While I wouldn’t recommend that necessarily for the shower (although maybe flag it for a birthday party like several Housewives), we can certainly take a nod from the comfy classics it inspires. Even better if your family has a tartan to weave throughout! Think comfy plaid throws draping seats, S’mores kabobs, monogrammed tree stump cakes, Moscow Mules and hot chocolate bars, and a lovely potted plant to take home. You can even play the traditional, “Guess the Birthdate,” but place it on a target bullseye to stick with the theme. 


Gemstones and Geodes

Keeping with the nature theme... and don't worry, there won’t be any mosquito nets here either. Have you seen those geode cake masterpieces? Welcome the little gem of your life with a jaw dropping cake, and a party adorned with gold and your favorite gemstone colored accents and geometric shapes. Create your own unique geometric “logo” to don your invites, napkins and thank you gifts. For the parting gifts, there are several bakeries that make truffles in the shape of gemstones. You can also serve up gem shaped cookies and rock candy Champagne (or sparkling cider) drinks.


Under the Big Top

Why wait for your cutie’s first birthday to go all out? Jungle themes have always been around, so let’s up the game. With Big Five safari bespoke luxury tents as the inspiration, set up stations under white tents, serve drinks in personalized canteens or flasks, and add some sparkle with twilight lights and gold or brass animal figurines of all sizes. You can even rent a safari Jeep for photo sessions. Accent the room in sunset colors, comfortable pillows for intimate seats or wood furniture for an outdoor feel, and hand out eucalyptus-scented cool towels to refresh your guests. You can also draw inspiration from nature with unique giraffe or zebra patterns on your cake or place settings.


Palm Springs-esque

Make the room pop with bright pink, yellow, turquoise and Kelly green, pour some tropical drinks or martinis (or serve water in martini glasses!), and don’t be afraid to include some tasteful flamingos (even just as stirrers or for the hors d'oeuvres). Set off the room with personalized neon or Art Deco signs, and a step-and-repeat adorned with palm fronds. Hand out Meghan Markle-style Panama hats, or pretty much any of her vintage style sunglasses for some great photo opps. If you really want to get into it, make your grand entrance in a vintage Cadillac.


Personal Throwbacks

Recently I’ve been talking with friends about old favorite classics to share with our kiddos, which got me thinking – what about our own retro style? Did you have a favorite Disney movie or toy when you were growing up? Why not use something that brought you so much joy to welcome your little bundle? And, instead of traditional gifts (or in addition to), everyone can bring an item that harkens back to their favorite childhood memory to pass on to the next generation.


Bronze Boozy Brunch

Just because you’re becoming a mom, doesn’t mean you need to, or should give up what makes you feel good, and like yourself. Sure you’re going to need to put some stuff on hold, but this is a celebration of your old and new chapters coming together, so let’s welcome that little bundle in your typical fashion. Swap the self-tanner and booze for some bronzer and virgin mimosa’s or still gorgeous virgin Bellini’s made with peaches, lemon or cranberry juice and sparkling white grape juice. Set-up a station with local make-up artists, or if manis and pedis are more your thing, go for it. Instead of guessing the baby’s name, you can create baby-themed make-up names a la Essie or your favorite collection.


Vintage Nautical Glam

Get that red lipstick and nail polish on, curl that hair and pull out your best red, white and blue pussy bow blouse or wide legged sailor trousers. Deck the room with beautiful vintage photos and compasses, porthole mirrors, and knots chandeliers dotted with gold, white and navy striped accents. Grab old cruise ship postcards for guests to write new mom advice on, or something for a good laugh when you’re having a day.


Candy Confections

We’ve all seen candy bars galore, but what about the illusive Willy Wonka edible teacup? Or “mushrooms” made of whipped cream? Take the average dessert table to the next level with giant gummy bears, a chocolate waterfall, hire a confectioner to make that teacup! The sky and your cravings are the limit for this dessert dream. While bean bag chairs may not sound chic, check out some white faux fur styles for marshmallow lounge style seating or Murano glass candy as formal place settings. You can even incorporate our balloon trend with an entrance way draped in candy-styled balloons. Make a signature milkshake topped with your favorite desserts and candy, or a melting cotton candy cocktail is always a crowd pleaser! If you don’t know the gender of your little one (or haven’t revealed it), get some oversized lollipops in pink and blue and have guests “plant” their guesses in a Boon grass drying rack.