Fall In Love With These Fall Celebration Ideas That Are Filled with Love
July 06, 2021

Fall In Love With These Fall Celebration Ideas That Are Filled with Love

September is the most popular month of the year for having a wedding. So that means there will be lots of special gatherings leading up to the big day with wedding showers and bachelorette parties. And for years to come, the happy couple will be celebrating their anniversary in September.

Here’s some amazing ideas to get you started on planning for fall’s celebrations of love.

  1. Navy and Burnt Orange is a Top Wedding Color Combo

Just because the leaves are changing to reds and yellows doesn’t mean that your wedding colors must match. We’re seeing a lot of navy being combined with burnt orange in invitation designs, flower bouquets, and linens. Blues and oranges are complementary colors so navy and burnt orange are beautiful shades to bring together.


Source: colorswedding.com


  1. Bridesmaid Gifts Made for Cooler Temps

You’ve got to keep your girls warm especially if you’re having an outdoor wedding in September. Consider gifting your wedding party with a lovely shawl, scarf, or faux fur stole. Look for colors and styles that will match their bridesmaid dresses. Add a matching personalized hair scrunchie to thank your squad for helping you tie the knot.

Source: brides.com

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  1. Honor the Bride-To-Be with a Wedding Shower Brunch

Sometimes the heat of summer lingers over into September. Throw a bridal shower brunch and take advantage of the crisp early morning air. Serve elegant brunch food and drinks and just remember to have a lot of pots of coffee ready! These stunning brunch bridal shower invitations can be instantly downloaded and edited for your guest of honor.

Source: karaspartyideas.com

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  1. Let There Be Light with a Candlelit Engagement Party

The days get a bit shorter during the fall, but you can still have a spectacular outside engagement party. Add touches of elegant candlelight to your walkways and tabletops. String lights across the trees and shrubs to be surrounded by romantic vibes.

Source: weddingsandeventsbyemily.com


  1. The We Still Do BBQ Anniversary Party

Get in one last outdoor BBQ before the weather turns cold. Celebrate your anniversary milestone with a We Still Do BBQ party. Invite family and friends for a day of grilling and chilling. These anniversary wine charms can be customized to your special year whether it’s 25, 40, 50, or more years.


  1. Fun with Flannel

Flannel is in for the wedding day! No, it’s not the latest fashion to walk down the aisle in but for being comfortable while the bride and her wedding party get ready. Grab some flannel button downs for your group so they won’t mess up their hair and makeup. Plus get these matching hair ties for a flannel fling before the ring.

Source: vintagechameleon.com

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  1. A Bachelorette Party That’s the Bomb

Hot chocolate has come a long way since you sipped it as a kid. Celebrate the hot bachelorette with a hot chocolate bar at her party. Chocolate bombs are the newest trend we’re seeing popping up on catering menus. Simply pour hot milk into a mug and the bomb melts and magically releases marshmallows and other treats hiding inside.

Source: littlespicejar.com

  1. Look Up for Hanging Wedding Installations

We’re noticing a trend towards minimal tablescapes and maximum hanging installations at wedding receptions. From fun to floral, the pieces are showing up in fall color hues and rustic textures. Give your tables a sleek look with simple looking table numbers like these in classic black and white.

Source: greenweddingshoes.com

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  1. A Nod to Nostalgic Anniversary Party

Yearnings for the days of yesteryear have been a trend lately and it is starting to show up at anniversary parties. We’re seeing retro clothes, food and drinks, décor, and music with a nostalgic twist. Celebrate the happy couple’s anniversary with a throwback to the year of their wedding.

Source: weddingwire.com


  1. It’s Finally a Date This Fall

Whether it’s a wedding or a shower or an engagement party, chances are that your plans may have been postponed due to the pandemic. Suddenly your arrangements are switched up and you are now celebrating during the most popular time of year for love. You’ve probably seen lots of change-the-dates cards and the new save-the-dates cards are all coming for this fall.

Source: theknot.com

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