In 2021, Weddings are Simple, Casual, and Unconventional
March 02, 2021

In 2021, Weddings are Simple, Casual, and Unconventional

2020 was far from normal, and many wedding plans were sadly put on pause due to the pandemic, so it’s not surprising that brides and grooms in 2021 are tying the knot a little differently. 

There was once a time when big, bold, and somewhat traditional weddings were all the rave, but now low-key and off-beat is in. Whether it’s due to continuing COVID restrictions, financial constraints, a taste for simplicity, or a desire to do things a little differently (or all of the above), weddings are getting a remix.

Whether you are currently planning your big day or you’re just a fan of all things matrimonial, we’ve done the hard work for you of scouring the internet for the latest wedding trends. Below are the top patterns we found. We hope you find some nuptial inspiration!

Jump for joy—jumpsuits are in!

Not all women are into dresses. Why should a woman who only wears pants in their personal life have to wear a dress on her wedding day? We think brides should get to be themselves and be comfortable on their wedding day. That’s why we’re into this bridal trend: jumpsuits! This trend is called the “Patsy,” coined by French bridal designer Rime Arodaky.

Now, the jumpsuit trend doesn’t mean you have to abandon tradition altogether. Many brides choose a white jumpsuit with rhinestones, lace, embroidery, and ruffles. Many choose to keep the veil, and even a train! 

And when you think jumpsuits, don’t automatically think “business casual.” They can be plenty fancy and fitted to silhouette your figure the way you always dreamed. Also, being so practical and easy to move in, this ensemble is perfect food adventurous, outdoor elopements.

Ready to shop? Here’s one from the original designer, Rime Arodaky, and here’s a more affordable option from ASOS.

You know they’ll never desert you when… you get married in a desert.

It’s no secret elopements are on the rise. There are many reasons this may be, but traditional wedding fans, don’t fear! Elopements are still plenty elegant and memorable for the bride and groom as well as their loved ones. (Because who doesn’t love seeing their loved one living out their fantasy getaway elopement in their dream destination?) 

But while there are mountain elopements, city elopements, and tropical beach elopements, there’s a new trendy location to think about: the desert! Searches for “desert elopement” on Pinterest have increased by 55% year over year in the United States and Canada. 

It may not seem like an obvious choice, but the desert is a chic and inspiring backdrop that makes the bride and groom pop in photos. Plus, if you come from a cold climate but want to tie the knot in the wintertime, the desert climate is an obvious choice. (But I don’t recommend a summer desert elopement, for obvious reasons!)

A few trending desert locations for elopements are Joshua Tree, California, Garden of the Gods, Colorado, Zion National Park in Utah, and Mesa, Arizona.  

Here comes the bride, all dressed in… a jean jacket?


In 2021, brides are forgoing the fanciness and embracing comfort. Like we above, why shouldn’t brides get to be themselves and be comfortable on their wedding day? If your favorite jean jacket is a staple of your wardrobe in everyday life, why not rock it on your big day? Pinterest Predicts shows a 130% increase in searches year over year for “wedding jean jacket bride” in Canada and the United States. 

The beauty of this idea is that you can still have your formal, traditional dress, but throw a jean or leather jacket over it, and you’ve made the look your own. The key is to customize the jacket. Embroider “Mrs. [Insert New Surname Here]” or “Bride” or “Wifey.” Add rhinestones, tassels, flowers, stars… This is your chance to get creative and show off your personality!

Ditch the fancy venue and tie the knot at the courthouse

Not into the idea of renting out an expensive venue or traveling to a faraway destination? Make it easy on yourself and just tie the knot in your hometown. Searches for “courthouse wedding outfit” on Pinterest have doubled year over year in the United States, Australia, and Germany. The benefits of a courthouse wedding are that it’s cheap, fast, and convenient.

Here’s a great guide to planning the perfect courthouse wedding.

Or, if you still want a small but personalized ceremony, say “I do” in your backyard! It’s free, familiar, and comfortable, and it guarantees your guest list won’t get too big (unless your backyard is enormous, that is). 

Trade multi-tier extravagance for a simple wedding cake


Another way weddings are getting simplified is simpler wedding cakes. Pinterest searches for “simple wedding cake small one-tier” have doubled year over year in Indonesia, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Why? Well, they’re cheaper, they’re cuter, and they’re better suited for a small guest list.

No need for an MUA. Simple DIY makeup is in.

Finally, a way to make your wedding simpler and more casual: skip the makeup artist. Many brides hire a makeup artist for themselves and their bridal party, but they can be expensive and limit self-expression. Doing your own makeup (or having a makeup-savvy friend do it for you) will save you money and allow you to do it your own way.

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