November 04, 2021


The holiday season is upon us and it’s unbelievable how quickly it snuck up on all of us this year. There is so much to look forward to during the holiday season, especially the celebrations that come along with it. 

Christmas weddings are one of many events that couples all over are gearing up for during this time of the year. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for an upcoming Christmas wedding or are planning for one in the future, below are 6 simple tips and tricks that will help you create an intimate, festive atmosphere at your Christmas wedding.

1. Christmas Wedding Invitation Suite

Wedding invitations are responsible for getting the important information over to your guests, and for setting the tone for what’s to come. When you’re having a Christmas or holiday-themed wedding, invitation suites are a great first step in incorporating the creativity you’d like. An invitation suite is a wonderful way to get your guests in the holiday spirit! 

If you’re on the search for a Christmas wedding invitation suite that is designed to capture the holiday spirit, but also allows you to edit as you please, the Christmas Wedding Invite template in the Plum Polka Dot Shop is a great option. If you’d prefer an invitation that is more subtle and captures the spirit of Winter, take a look at this invitation suite instead. 

2. Holiday hues & tones

When you think of holiday colors, what usually comes to mind? We commonly think of green and red, however, Christmas weddings don’t always have to incorporate those two colors by any means! 

Whichever colors you believe to encompass the spirit of the holidays is exactly what you should go for, and this may look different for everyone. Some Christmas hues and tones that steer away from just green and red include: reds, whites, golds, silvers, darker blues, cranberry, and so much more. Remember, the more you incorporate what aligns with your style, the more your wedding will be even more special and unique to you and your guests.

3. Festive Wedding Signage

Wedding signage is a special way to welcome any of your guests to a wedding and to encourage them to take certain actions. For Christmas Weddings, wedding signage is the perfect opportunity to incorporate a festive touch to the ceremony. 

What’s so special about wedding signage is that it will always be unique to you as a couple. Between the decorative details you decide to go with all the way to what’s written on the sign, you can completely personalize the sign in the way that you please. They will also serve as a wonderful token of such a special day. 

Some examples of Christmas wedding signage you can have at your wedding range between the welcome sign all the way to the signature cocktails you serve at your wedding. Have a look at the Christmas Wedding Welcome sign from the Plum Polka Dot store for some inspiration! 

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4. Greenery & foliage

There are plenty of ways to create gorgeous focal points for a Christmas wedding. Take garlands and centerpieces for instance. Lush greenery is a stunning way to play on that festive, winter theme you’re aiming for. 

Some examples of greenery and foliage that just can’t seem to shake that Christmas feel include cedar, mistletoe, magnolia, pine, juniper and blue spruce. These can all be added to your tablescape, cake table, bar, or other displays.

Florals and wedding bouquets are still very much acceptable options to add some of that greenery and foliage as well. You can always go with floral arrangements with flowers that match the color theme of your wedding, too.

5. Candles & warm lighting

Candles are a fantastic way to play up on that warm, cozy and romantic feeling at any Christmas wedding. The good news is that there are so many ways to incorporate candlelight in a wedding, whether you choose to go with the real deal or faux lighting.

They can be used to create gorgeous, glowing centerpieces on a table, they can be used to light up the aisle you walk on, and they can even be held by guests as a way to get them to participate in your wedding (remember to use wax catchers if you go with that option!) There’s just something about candlelight that will always make an atmosphere even more enchanting and magical than it already is. 

6. Bridal party accessories

Something that makes winter weddings far different than weddings in any other season is that there are plenty of ways to level up the holiday element through the accessories for your bridal party. 

Faux fur shawls are a beautiful way to encompass that winter feel for your bridesmaids. They are cozy, warm, and have winter written all over them. 

Hair crowns that incorporate winter greenery as well are a beautiful touch not only for bridesmaids, but for brides as well! If you’re looking for an opportunity to add another festive layer to your Christmas wedding, don’t be afraid to play with accessory choice! 

While you’re getting ready, I absolutely love these hair ties as a sweet bridesmaid gift.

At the end of the day, the key to an intimate, festive Christmas wedding all comes down to incorporating what you feel captures the holiday spirit the best. 

Sometimes the smallest details can have so much power and make the biggest impact on your guests. For all of your Christmas/winter wedding decor needs, the Plum Polka Dot shop has plenty of options to help you create the Christmas wedding of your dreams.