2021's Top Wedding Trends
January 02, 2021

2021's Top Wedding Trends

It’s no secret 2020 was a year that changed just about everything about our lives. Sadly, weddings were not exempt. Many soon-to-be brides and grooms across the world were disappointed when stay-at-home measures took place, deeming the big family and friends gathering they dreamt of impossible. 

Yet, the beauty of weddings is that it was never about the large gatherings. Couples realized this when they found alternate, COVID-safe ways of celebrating their love. As a result, 2020 changed the way we’re getting married. 

It’s safe to say we’re all looking forward to the hopefully much brighter future of weddings that 2021 will bring. While the pandemic isn’t over, we can hope for an eventual return to normal wedding ceremonies, maybe even this year! 

In the meantime, we’ve picked up some great tips from the COVID weddings of 2020, which will come in handy if you, a loved one, or a client plans to tie the knot in the times of ‘rona. Without further ado, here are 10 of 2021’s top wedding trends (both COVID-related and not) for your inspiration.

1. More Intimate Gatherings

This one’s a no-brainer. Fewer people = less risky gatherings. But it might not just be the coronavirus that spawned the “microwedding” trend. Studies show millennials prefer small weddings to large ones. This preference comes down to the numbers. Weddings are expensive, and millennials are a cash-strapped generation. Plus, it’s not just about the bride and groom’s bank account--attending weddings are also costly for guests! Guests are more motivated to attend and more likely to enjoy smaller weddings, since it feels like more of an honor to be included. 

2. “Wed Now, Party Later”

Many couples are opting not to have a large or small wedding celebration during this time. But that doesn’t mean they’re going to postpone tying the knot! The “wed now, party later” trend allows couples to say “I do” now, whether privately or virtually, with family and friends, and postpone celebrating with family and friends AC (after COVID).

3. Virtual Planning and Gathering

Speaking of saying “I do” virtually, virtual weddings or “Zoom weddings” have been on the rise. This allows couples to have either a private or small ceremony (saving on both cost and risk) while including a large number of people through a livestream. Services like Wedfuly make it easy (and technical difficulty-free).

Additionally, technology has helped make the wedding planning process safer. Everything from trying on wedding dresses to touring venues can now all be done virtually.

4. Bringing the Coziness of Indoors Outside

Another method of keeping things more COVID-friendly is moving things outside. Expect a majority of spring and summer 2021 weddings to be outdoors, likely under a tent. Couples will try to bring the hominess of the indoors outside with romantic, warm concept lighting and comfy furniture. 

5. Sophisticated Greenery Galore

Green = good in 2021! The natural, eco-friendly aesthetic is in. That might manifest in outdoor weddings (see above) and green decor galore. Think eucalyptus leaves, succulents, ferns, and garlands. Opting for greenery over florals helps create a more uniform look. For couples that love the minimalist look, this is a good way to go.

6. To Register or Not to Register…

We already mentioned the financial woes of millennials and how it’s changing the wedding industry. Registries are another tradition that millennials might be giving the boot. Registries are a great way for couples to let their guests know what gifts they actually want, but they can also put financial pressure on guests. 

In the wake of a year of much uncertainty, 2021 may see many couples either ditching the registry or giving it a remix, such as asking guests to donate to a charity. Couples might also ask for experiences (concert tickets or a national park pass) rather than material things. They could also ask guests to contribute to a starter fund to buy a new home or adopt a pet.

7. Eco-Friendly and Intentional

Sustainability and intentionality will be big trends in 2021. Consumers are thinking more and more about the ethicality of the brands they support and their own carbon footprint. There are infinite ways couples can incorporate sustainability into their big day--upcycled decor, local food and flowers, and sustainable clothing, to name a few. People are recognizing their purchasing power, and they’re choosing to use that power for good by purchasing from sustainable and diverse vendors. 

8. Wedding on a Weekday?

According to The Knot, “about 21 percent of couples with weddings in 2020 already plan to move their receptions to a different day of the week.” While it may seem absurd to have a momentous event like a wedding on an average Monday, there are tons of reasons to opt for a weekday. Primarily: It’s way cheaper for the bride and groom and guests alike. There’s also way more availability, which allows couples greater ability to hand-pick the day (getting married on the anniversary of the day you met). 

9. Laughter is the Best Medicine

2021 will feature many weddings postponed from 2020 that, unfortunately, may still be subject to the same restrictions. While some may feel defeated and depressed, many will choose to laugh it off. Expect to see some humorous invitations (and cancellations and postponements) this year. Let’s make "At Last" by Etta James the official first dance song of 2021!

10. The Minimoon

To finish off their celebrations, couples will be going on “minimoons.” That means a small honeymoon that requires little to no travel. With all the travel restrictions and risks associated with air travel, as well as the high price point of destination honeymoons, many newlyweds will celebrate their new union closer to home (at least until a “megamoon” is in the cards!).


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