6 Tips for the Perfect Bridesmaid Proposal
November 04, 2019

6 Tips for the Perfect Bridesmaid Proposal

Proposal season is almost here! In fact, many of you may be counting down the days until your loved one gets down on one knee and pops that big question. Assuming you say “yes!”, it will only be a matter of time after that rock is on your finger before you start thinking about the ladies that are going to stand by your side at the altar.

Of course, the days of just asking someone to be your bridesmaid are long gone. Today, it’s all about creating the perfect bridesmaid proposal. If you’re going to ask someone to stand with you, party with you, laugh with you, and cry with you, the least you can do is put some effort into popping the second most important question surround a wedding: Will you be my bridesmaid?

As crafters of many custom bridesmaid gifts and wedding favors, we have lots of experience when it comes to weddings, and have seen almost every type of bridesmaid proposal you can imagine. And to give you a head start on your planning, we’re here to share our top 6 tips for the perfect bridesmaid proposal.

Start with the Card
While weddings are a ton of fun, they also mark a very special time in the couple’s life, meaning things can get emotional and sentimental as well. Don’t run from this! In fact, if you’re asking your closest friends and family members to be your bridesmaids, now is the perfect time to show a little emotion. 

Before you think about anything else to include in your bridesmaid proposal kits, be sure to write a card personalized to each recipient. Talk about how much your relationships means to you, and how excited you are at the prospect of having them share this special role on this special day. 

Of all the things you include in your bridesmaid proposal, this is the most important, and almost always is the most cherished!

Make it Personal to Each Bridesmaid
Speaking of making things personal, don’t be afraid to customize your bridesmaid proposals. While it’s tempting to just buy everything in bulk quantities and distribute equally, why not show your girls how much they mean to you by personalizing one or two items in the proposal? 

Have a friend that’s super into her work volleyball team? Swap that champagne flute for a sport water bottle. Someone in your group really into a fitness kick? Keep the chocolates out and swap for some protein bars. 

Sure, all this takes some extra time and effort, but remember that you’re going to be asking a lot of this bride tribe in the coming months. The least you can do is show them how much care by personalizing their proposal!

Find Things They’ll Actually Use
Unfortunately, there are times when a bride focuses more on what will make a bridesmaid proposal cute rather than on what bridesmaids will actually enjoy. Sure, that mason jar set of bath salts might look great in the box, but will your bridesmaids actually use them? Or will they just collect dust under the sink? 

If you really want to send a proposal that’s remembered, focus on items you know your bridesmaids will love and use well beyond the “I Do’s”. Our sets of bridesmaid hair ties are always a hit! Not only are they a super cute addition to bridesmaids proposals, but the quality materials and care we put into each one ensures your bridesmaids can use these again and again for years to come.

Throw in Something Extra for the Maid of Honour
When it comes time to ask that special someone to be your maid of honour, be sure to include a little something extra in their proposal. After all, you’re about to lean on them for advice, planning help, and all sorts of other requests leading up to your big day. As such, you want to be sure to share an extra special token of appreciation with them. 

A customized piece of jewelry is always a great idea. Just be sure to follow the last tip and find something you know your maid of honour will actually love and wear!

When in Doubt, Add Liquids
Of course, when weddings are top of mind, alcohol isn’t far behind. After all, it’s on giant party, right?

Why not play off this theme by including a little special bottle of bubbly for your bridesmaids. For an extra cute twist, take a mini bottle of champagne and jazz it up with a DIY glitter treatment. Just mix equal parts glue and water, and use a brush to coat the bottle in a thin layer of the mixture. Sprinkle on glitter, let it dry, and tie on a cute striped paper straw for an extra classy drink worthy of your bridesmaids-to-be!

Don’t Forget About the Box
While they say you can’t judge a book by its cover, you can most certainly judge a bridesmaid proposal by its box.

With all the wonderful goodies you collect for your bridesmaid proposal, an ordinary box just won’t cut it. Instead, look for a unique package that really suits you, you wedding, and the vibe of your tribe. Wooden crates, custom craft boxes, or even a simple paper box wrapped delicately with a ribbon and flower all work super nicely, and set the tone for the wonderful basket of thoughtful gifts and treats that lie inside.

Crafting the Perfect Bridesmaid Proposal
There is no one right answer when it comes to crafting the perfect bridesmaid proposal. What’s most important is that you abide by a few key tips. Be sure to embrace the emotional moment by taking a minute to personally thank your friend or family member with a card, include items that you know they’ll want to use, be thoughtful and personalize where appropriate, and set the tone with a pretty box. Oh, and never be afraid to add a little booze!

Follow these tips, and we promise your girls are going to absolute love it when you pop the question!