A Purr-fectly Elegant L.O.L. Surprise Doll Birthday Party

May 14, 2019

A Purr-fectly Elegant L.O.L. Surprise Doll Birthday Party

L.O.L. Surprise dolls have captured the hearts of little girls everywhere, including that of my own daughter. A series of collectible dolls and accessories with fun names, themes, costumes, and glitter… it’s no surprise (pun fully intended)!

At first, when my little girl asked that her 6th birthday party be L.O.L. Surprise themed, I wasn’t quite ready for it. You should have seen the look on Julia’s face when I told her that a L.O.L Surprise themed birthday party was not on brand! Like any mom would do, I immediately hit the internet, determined to see what I could find. As I searched through all the branded L.O.L Surprise birthday décor, I was not quite sold on any of them. Then, a thought popped into my head! “What if I go another, more customized route…?” I knew that I could create a magical party that would be totally unique and personal while giving Julia what she wanted for her birthday, without having to resort to “out of the box themes”.

I rolled up my sleeves and got to work on putting together Julia’s very own L.O.L Surprise birthday party! Here’s how I did it…



The most important part of any birthday party is dessert, right? I knew that the cake was going to be the centrepiece of the party so reached out to one of my favourite local cake and cookie designers, Shea’s Sweet Shoppe, to see if she could bring my vision to life... and she did not disappoint! With a lavender base, pink dripped icing, macaroons and sprinkles, it was absolute cuteness overload and exactly what I was looking for!

Those fun L.O.L Surprise cookies? The cookie magic makers at Shea’s created these as well. Not only were they cute but also amazingly delicious!

Both the cake and cookies were totally insta-worthy (not to mention on brand), plus my daughter and her friends went bananas over it all.


For the décor, I went to local party purveyors Paper & Parties, as I knew that the event styling associates there were going to come up with something really special for this theme. With L.O.L. Surprise character Kitty Queen being my daughter’s favorite character, I picked some gorgeous cat themed options to tie it all together - I knew this would be the purr-fect way complete this elegant L.O.L Surprise theme party!

We spelled out “Meow” on the wall with glittery letters, and they even created a custom kitty ballon complete with whiskers and ears! IT WAS SO PURR-FECT! Finishing touches were added with the kitty cat napkins, and I have to say I was feeling so good about the result. I loved how these decorations combined to create a truly lovely L.O.L Surprise theme birthday party that was a huge hit with all the party guests!

Party Favors

A purr-fect way to thank your party guests? Party favors of course! Thankfully, that’s my area of expertise and I was able to take advantage of the custom birthday party favors we have here at Plum Polka Dot! I decided to create customized meow-themed hair tie sets for all the guests to take home! The girls (and their moms) absolutely loved them! And of course, my daughter kept a couple sets for herself as a reminder of her amazing day created with love by mom.

In the end, the L.O.L. Surprise themed birthday went off without a hitch. While it took a little more time to plan and prep, everyone very much enjoyed the unique, custom feel of this party, and my elegant take on this popular theme. And as any mom knows, seeing that sparkle of joy in your daughter’s eyes made it all totally worth it!


Cake and Cookies: Shea's Sweet Shoppe
Party Decor: Paper and Parties
Party Favors: Plum Polka Dot

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