How to Throw a Gender-Neutral Baby Shower
September 04, 2019

How to Throw a Gender-Neutral Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower is a big undertaking. You have to think about the venue, the food, and of course, the theme. Now traditionally, most baby showers have a theme dictated by the gender of the baby. However these days, more and more couples are opting to not learn the sex of the baby before it arrives in the world. And thus, gender-neutral baby showers are becoming more common.

Have you been tasked with planning a gender-neutral baby shower? Have no fear…Plum Polka Dot has you covered. Here are some of our top theme ideas to help you plan the perfect celebration for the baby to be, no matter if it’s a little boy or a little girl!

Parents to “Bee”

Get your guests buzzing with excitement with this bee-themed baby shower. The yellow and black color scheme can be implemented with subtle touches such as table cloths and napkins, or with bold items such as balloon arches and bee-shaped flower arrangements. Be sure to include plenty of sweet treats – especially those with honey – for your guests to munch on as you all try and guess what the gender is going to “bee”!

Bee Themed Party

Image Source: Kelsey Graves We Heart Parties

To thank your guests for coming, send them home with a cute bee-themed collection of custom hair ties: 

Bee Baby Shower Favors

Let’s Taco Bout a Baby!

Who doesn’t love a great fiesta? A Cinco de Mayo themed party is the perfect gender-neutral way to say “hola” to the new little one. Set up a “make your own taco bar” for guests, and have a pitcher of virgin margaritas ready for the mom-to-be to enjoy. A pinata and paper picado (Mexican streamers) are easy ways to decorate, and a cactus shaped cake for dessert is the perfect end to a perfect shower.

Cinco de Mayo Themed Party

Image Source: Mint Event Designs

Keep the party going for your guests with a custom set of cactus hair ties as a party favor!

Cactus Hair Ties

Mint to Be

No matter if it’s a boy or a girl, celebrate the baby that’s “mint to be” with a mint-themed gender-neutral baby shower. Decorate with plenty of mint and gold colored streamers, balloons and hanging lanterns, and treat guests to a mint-based virgin cocktail (such as a mojito) upon arrival. Fresh appetizers like watermelon, mint and feta skewers are the perfect tasty treat to fill up on before diving into sweet deserts such as mint chocolate cupcakes and ice cream.

Mint Themed Party

Image Source: Tula Mama

When the party comes to a close, be sure to give all your guests a “mint to be” party favor to take home: 

Mint To Be

Our New Pup

A child’s love for dogs transcends gender, and so a puppy-themed party is the perfect way to host a gender-neutral baby shower. Decorate your space with plenty of cute stuffed animal puppies, and sprinkle in lots of doggy accents, such as bone-shaped confetti and streamers. For food, opt for cute puppy-themed treats such as “cake pups”, “puppy chow”, “pretzel fetching sticks” and a “best-in-show fruit tray.” And of course, mix up a big batch of “puppy punch” to wash it all down!

Puppy Themed Party

Image Source: Project Nursery

Finish off this ultimate paw-ty by sending guests home with cute puppy-themed custom hair tie sets:

Puppy Themed Hair Ties

Twinkle Twinkle Little One

A fun theme tied to one of the most iconic nursery rhymes, this star-studded, gender-neutral baby shower is an out of this world way to welcome the new shining star coming into your life. A selection of glittering star streamers set the mood with this theme, and gold and silver décor accents round out the look. Star-shaped cookies make for the perfect shower treat, as does a star-shaped cake topped with real life “stardust” (aka edible glitter).

Star-Studded Themed Party

Image Source: Neat House, Sweet Home

On their way out the door, send guests home with a custom set of star-studded hair ties: 

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Hair Ties

Anchors Away

With a new little sailor on the way, a nautical themed party is an ideal theme to set your shower’s sails toward fun. This ideal gender-neutral baby shower theme is incredibly flexible, and can be adapted to fit any space, size, and style. Anchor shaped balloons are a fun way to set the tone, as are sailor stripes on table cloths and streamers. Set up a calendar that allows guests to guess which day the baby will “drop anchor” and top the festivities off with big slices of lighthouse-shaped cake!

Nautical Themed Party

Image Source: Catch My Party

When you’re finally back in port, send guests off with a set of nautical custom hair tie party favors: 

Nautical Party Favors

We hope these six gender-neutral baby shower ideas get your party planning heading in the right direction. Of course, these are just a starting point. Always remember that the most important element of planning any party is to make it your own!

Need some more inspiration? Be sure to browse our full page of gender-neutral baby shower party favors hereAs you’ll see, there are plenty of incredible patterns, characters, and color schemes to get the ideas flowing.

Have questions? Feel free to reach out – we’re always here to help you plan the perfect shower for the little ones in your life!