Scavenger Hunts, Escape Rooms, and 5 Other Unique Birthday Party Ideas
March 21, 2019

Scavenger Hunts, Escape Rooms, and 5 Other Unique Birthday Party Ideas

Invites, decorations, food, cake, and so much more. Let’s face it – planning a birthday party for your kids is a lot of work! But one of the most challenging tasks? Picking a venue. It’s no surprise that most parents end up defaulting to the classic bowling alley or arcade birthday parties. It just makes things so much easier…

But, if you’re looking to plan something a little different for your child, have no fear! Plum Polka Dot has put together a list of 7 unique birthday party venue ideas for kids of all ages, ensuring the next birthday you plan is one they’ll remember forever!



Escape Room

One of the hottest party trends of the last few years, escape rooms have been popping up all over the place. If you’ve never participated in one, think of it like immersing yourself in a real-life puzzle, where you and your teammates face a series of physical and mental challenges you need to overcome in order to escape your room before the clock runs out.

But before you commit to an escape room party, be sure to check with your local facility about difficulty levels and age recommendations. Some rooms are too tricky even for skilled adults!



Scavenger Hunt

Imagine the fun your child and their friends will have embarking on a real-life scavenger hunt! Pick a park (or even your house/backyard), and hide a series of clues that lead the group from one to the next, getting them closer and closer to the “treasure” (cake/candy/party favors) at the end!



What kid doesn’t want to hop on a giant firetruck and pretend to be a fireman/firewoman?

Many local fire stations will host small groups for birthday parties in exchange for a small donation. Kids can take tours of the firehouse, ride on firetrucks, and even try on a fire helmet for a fun (and super cute!) photo opp. But beware, if a call comes into the firehouse, your time with the firemen might be cut a little short!



Art or Pottery Studio

Let your child and their friends embrace their inner Van Gogh at a local art or pottery studio. Not only do kids get to have fun playing with the arts and crafts, but they get a personalized party memento to take home with them!

pottery birthday party


Local Park

Often overlooked, your local park can be a great place to host a fun, unique birthday party! Try a “Friend Olympics”, which your child and their friends compete in a variety of activities, such as hula-hoop contents, basketball shots, three-legged races, and more. You can even get some fun medals and trophies to pass out to the kids after they compete!

Depending on the size of your party, be sure to check with your local park district about the need for permission or a permit.

outdoor birthday party decorations


Get Active! Gyms, Trampoline Parks, & Climbing Walls

Birthday parties are always a good excuse to get your kids moving. Gyms, trampoline parks and rock climbing walls all provide great opportunities for your child and their friends to get active. Many of these facilities offer bonus party rooms for cake and presents too (just be sure to save the cake and cookies for after the kids have been running around like crazy!)

rock wall climbing birthday


Mobile Video Game Stadium

Let your child and their friends battle it out for the afternoon in a fully-equipped mobile video game stadium! Most major metropolitan areas have seen several of these video game trailers emerge in recent years, so you should have no trouble finding one that fits your party size and budget. These trailers park right outside your house before the party begins, and your guests can have the run of it for the afternoon.

With multiple gaming consoles, comfortable chairs, big sound systems and even professional lighting, your kids will feel like video game kings as they do battle for the day on the big screen!

video game mario cookies birthday party

With this list of interesting, unique birthday party venues, you’re guaranteed to host a party that your child and their friends will love! Be sure to round out your unique venue with bold décor, delicious birthday treats, and personalized party favors, which will ensure kids and parents alike remember the day of fun they had celebrating together with your family!

llama birthday party