The Best Baby Shower Party Themes

September 30, 2020

The Best Baby Shower Party Themes

Top 20+ Baby Shower Party Themes for 2021

Are you planning the perfect baby shower? The first step is picking a theme for the special event. Find loads of ideas and inspiration by browsing through these baby shower themes.

1. Elegant Elephant Baby Shower Theme


Elephants are known to bring good luck and cheer. The welcoming of a baby is a time of joy and a wonderful reason to celebrate. If you’ve been thinking about hosting an elephant baby shower, there are many ways to incorporate this sweet and gentle animal.

See our Elegant Elephant Baby Shower Inspiration Board on Pinterest

2. Sweet Succulents Baby Shower Theme


Planning a baby shower? You may be looking for ways to spruce up your celebration with creative details that’ll give the gathering a special touch.

See our Sweet Succulent Baby Shower Inspiration Board on Pinterest


3. Modern Woodsy Baby Shower Theme


This Modern Woodsy Themed Baby Shower was a stunner of a celebration, with the perfect decor for a gender neutral celebration. 

See our Modern Woodsy Baby Shower Inspiration Board on Pinterest


4. Tropical Baby Shower Theme


See our Tropical Baby Shower Inspiration Board on Pinterest


5. Up In The Clouds Baby Shower Theme


Dreams are sure to be inspired with this “Up in the Clouds” Baby Shower. Filled with sweetness and a whole lot of fluff, this celebration is packed with details to love!

See our Up In The Clouds Baby Shower Inspiration Board on Pinterest


6. Summer Lemon Baby Shower Theme


Showcasing florals and decor that are positively stunning, this celebration is full of darling details to celebrate!

See our Summer Lemon Baby Shower Inspiration Board on Pinterest


7. Elegant Swan Baby Shower Theme


Flying with details soft and sweet, this adorable celebration is a floral, fluttering, retreat!

See our Elegant Swan Baby Shower Inspiration Board on Pinterest


8. Woodland Animal Baby Shower Theme


Cute forest animals take center stage at this Rustic Woodland Animal Baby Shower.

See our Woodland Animal Baby Shower Inspiration Board on Pinterest


9. Pretty Pastel Baby Shower Theme


See our Pretty Pastel Baby Shower Inspiration Board on Pinterest


10. Peter Rabbit Spring Baby Shower Theme


See our Peter Rabbit Spring Baby Shower Inspiration Board on Pinterest


11. Bohemian Chic Baby Shower Theme


Boasting details that shine and shimmer this beautiful event truly delivers!

See our Bohemian Chic Baby Shower Inspiration Board on Pinterest


12. Floral High Tea Baby Shower Theme


From the gorgeous tea table settings to the dried blooms and more, this party is full of ideas to cry for!

See our Floral High Tea Baby Shower Inspiration Board on Pinterest


13. Unicorn & Rainbows Baby Shower Theme


A magical baby shower starts with inspiration centered on rainbow colors, shimmering glitter, and unicorns. Celebrate a baby on the way with a party that is as perfect as a fairy tale and as pretty as a daydream.

See our Unicorn & Rainbows Baby Shower Inspiration Board on Pinterest


14. Llama Baby Shower Theme


We can all agree that llamas are absolutely adorable. And when it comes to cute animals, they are much more unique and quirky. Llamas also make for a great gender-neutral baby shower theme, a major bonus if you're keeping the gender a surprise.

See our Llama Baby Shower Inspiration Board on Pinterest


15. Wild Child Baby Shower Theme


See our Wild Child Baby Shower Inspiration Board on Pinterest


16. Ahoy Its A Boy Baby Shower Theme


If you are planning a nautical baby shower for a mom who loves the sea, then you might want to have everything from the invitations to the return gifts based on this theme.

See our Ahoy Its A Boy Baby Shower Inspiration Board on Pinterest


17. Royal Princess Baby Shower Theme


Styled with a fabulous hot pink and gold color palette and accented with ornate dessert pedestals and sweets, this little celebration is full of royal party inspiration

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18. Little Prince Baby Shower Theme


See our Little Prince Baby Shower Inspiration Board on Pinterest


19. Little Man Baby Shower Theme


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20. Paw Patrol Baby Shower Theme


This cartoon is very popular now among little kids, specially small boys! Such a nice theme with a mix of doggies, primary colours and paws!

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21. Ice Cream Baby Shower Theme


From the adorable ice cream cone cookies to the light white florals, this event with its darling ideas & elements is sure to captivate you with its adorable sweetness!

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22. Jungle Safari Baby Shower Theme


Filled with sweet animals and a fun jungle vibe, this celebration is full of details perfect for any wild event!

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23. Black & Gold Baby Shower Theme


See our Black & Gold Baby Shower Inspiration Board on Pinterest


24. Ahoy! It's A Girl Baby Shower Theme


See our Ahoy! It's A Girl Baby Shower Inspiration Board on Pinterest


25. Pretty In Pink Baby Shower Theme


Baby girl is on the way! And what better way to celebrate than with a pretty in pink baby shower! 

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