The Best Bridal Shower Party Themes!
September 06, 2020

The Best Bridal Shower Party Themes!

Top 20+ Bridal Shower Party Themes for 2021

Are you planning the perfect bridal shower? The first step is picking a theme for the special event. Find loads of ideas and inspiration by browsing through these bridal shower themes.

1. Southwest Bridal Shower Theme


This intimate Southwest Inspired Bridal Shower is the ultimate in fresh style and picturesque beauty.

See our Southwest Bridal Shower Inspiration Board on Pinterest


2. Aloha Tropical Bridal Shower Theme


A simple crisp white tablecloth, large green palm leaves, splashes of tropical flowers and gold pineapples throughout add up to the perfect feminine tropical bridal shower decor.

See our Aloha Tropical Bridal Shower Inspiration Board on Pinterest


3. Romantic Garden Bridal Shower Theme


A private garden dressed in pretty pastels and fresh greens perfectly suits an afternoon bridal shower.

See our Garden Party Bridal Shower Inspiration Board on Pinterest


4. Bohemian Chic Bridal Shower Theme


See our Bohemian Chic Bridal Shower Inspiration Board on Pinterest


5. Chic Tea Party Bridal Shower Theme


A fun Chic Tea Party Bridal Shower is the perfect way to celebrate an upcoming wedding!

See our Chic Tea Party Bridal Shower Inspiration Board on Pinterest


6. Pastel and Floral Bridal Shower Theme


See our Pastel and Floral Bridal Shower Inspiration Board on Pinterest


7. Black & White Glam Bridal Shower Theme


If it’s modern and glamorous inspiration you’re craving, this styled bridal shower is for you. 

See our Black & White Glam Bridal Shower Inspiration Board on Pinterest


8. Bubbles & Besties Bridal Shower Theme


Throw your bestie a bridal shower that will WOW her with this gorgeous bridal brunch for babes only. The goal: create a fun atmosphere to celebrate the Miss to Mrs, and do it all in total style.

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9. Magical Harry Potter Bridal Shower Theme


When the bride loves all things Harry Potter, a Magical Harry Potter Bridal Shower is a must!

See our Magical Harry Potter Bridal Shower Inspiration Board on Pinterest


10. Vintage Glamour Bridal Shower Theme


For the not-so-typical bride who wants a shower full of fun and added flair, this vintage bridal shower, inspired specifically by the 1970s is just the thing. 

See our Vintage Glamour Bridal Shower Inspiration Board on Pinterest


11. Something Blue Bridal Shower Theme


With a garden party type feel, and hints of blue, this design concept came together as a modern and elegant event for the bride to be.

See our Something Blue Bridal Shower Inspiration Board on Pinterest


12. Pearls of Wisdom Bridal Shower Theme


Looking for a a charming and sophisticated bridal shower idea? Look no further because this lovely Pearls of Wisdom Bridal Shower has it all!

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13. Lemon Party Bridal Shower Theme


Lemons are the craze right now and they make for some awesome party themes; a bridal shower, baby shower, even a birthday party!

See our Lemon Party Bridal Shower Inspiration Board on Pinterest


14. Summer Fiesta Bridal Shower Theme


The Mexican inspired colors and decor, coupled with margaritas, sangria and delicious food are the perfect way to celebrate the bride and her upcoming big day!

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15. Blush and Gold Bridal Shower Theme


See our Blush and Gold Bridal Shower Inspiration Board on Pinterest


16. She's Been Scooped Up Bridal Shower Theme


This “She's Been Scooped Up” bridal shower was the perfect theme for the sweetest bride.

See our She's Been Scooped Up Bridal Shower Inspiration Board on Pinterest


17. Parisian Bridal Shower Theme


See our Parisian Bridal Shower Inspiration Board on Pinterest


18. Whimsical Garden Bridal Shower Theme


See our Whimsical Garden Bridal Shower Inspiration Board on Pinterest


19. Chanel Parisian Bridal Shower Theme


See just what a Chanel Parisian bridal shower looks like and to find some truly unique bridal shower games and decors.

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20. Adventure Awaits Bridal Shower Theme


See our Adventure Awaits Bridal Shower Inspiration Board on Pinterest


21. Black and White Vogue Lingerie Bridal Shower Theme


Replete with black and white elements, along with touches of greenery and pink accents, this bridal ‘lingerie’ shower is SERIOUSLY eye-catching.

See our Black and White Vogue Lingerie Bridal Shower Inspiration Board on Pinterest


22. Mint To Be Bridal Shower Theme


A Mint to Be bridal shower is a light fresh theme perfect for spring or summer. It is a nice theme because it also has a cute pun with it. A mint to be bridal shower is focused on the color of mint green.

See our Mint To Be Bridal Shower Inspiration Board on Pinterest


23. Rustic Chic Bridal Shower Theme


See our Rustic Chic Bridal Shower Inspiration Board on Pinterest


24. Friends Series Bridal Shower Theme


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25. Tiffany & Co. Bridal Shower Theme


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