The Stylish Way to Always Have a Hair Tie in Arm’s Reach
June 13, 2019

The Stylish Way to Always Have a Hair Tie in Arm’s Reach

We’ve all done it…

Knowing that at one point or another during the day your hair will need to go up into a pony, and that finding a hair tie in your bag is the equivalent of finding that needle in a haystack, you inevitably throw an elastic tie on your wrist where it will sit all day.

Practical? Sure. Fashionable? Not in the slightest…

Women everywhere spend countless hours searching for the cutest cuffs, bangles, and watches to adorn their wrist. But then we inevitably throw off even the most elegant of looks with that glorified rubber band. It’s maddening, right??

Thankfully, there’s a way to fix this problem. And no, it doesn’t involve saying goodbye to ponytails forever.

Save your hair – and your outfit – with Plum Polka Dot’s stylish hair ties!

Hand-tied and heat-sealed to prevent fraying, these super soft hair ties will not only feel comfortable on your head, but on your wrist as well (say goodbye to that annoying red indentation your usual tie leaves on your wrist)! Best of all, our hair ties come in nearly 40 different styles and sets, with each set containing between 2 and 5 different themed ties! This means that there is literally a tie for any style and color outfit.

Designed to complement your look instead of clash with it, our hair ties are the perfect accessory no matter if they are on your wrist or in your hair. Casual or elegant, bold prints or subdued shades, there are nearly endless options to choose from that will forever solve the challenge of finding an easy way to keep a tie at arm’s reach…without destroying your look.

Not only are our hair tie sets perfect for everyday use, but they make wonderful birthday party favors, wedding shower takeaways, baby shower accessories, bridal gifts and more. And with the ability to customize the messaging on each set’s card, your guests and gift recipients will walk away with a fun, functional, and memorable item that will remind them of whatever you were celebrating for years to come.

From elegant golden glitter and polka dots, to fun puppies, ballet themes and more, the Plum Polka Dot hair ties are made to suit any style, age, and personality. So pick some up for yourself, your friends, your bridesmaids, and your party guests today, and forever have that “on point”, outfit-ready hair tie rocking your wrist!

Need some more inspiration? Check out some of our fav celebrity styles below!

Gigi Hadid’s super sleek pony