Top 10 Birthday Party Theme Ideas for Girls
August 05, 2019

Top 10 Birthday Party Theme Ideas for Girls

As any parent knows, when you child’s birthday starts getting close on the calendar, stress can begin creeping into your life. Sure, you’re so excited to celebrate with your little one…but you also know that planning a party they’ll love can be a bit daunting.

This can be especially true when it comes time to plan a party for your daughter. Boys? Superhero themes are always an easy standby, and thankfully, pretty easy to execute. However little girls have such incredible imaginations and discerning tastes, even at a young age, and so planning a birthday party for them can be much more challenging!

Plum Polka Dot has years of experience crafting custom hair tie favors for little girl birthday parties, and as such, we’ve seen all sorts of different styles and themes. To help make things a little easier for you next time you go to plan a birthday bash for the little girl in your life, we’ve put together a list of our top 10 favorite ideas!

With each theme below, we’ve included a link to a Pinterest board of ideas to get your started, as well as a link to on-theme custom party favor courtesy of Plum Polka Dot. So go ahead and find the perfect theme for your daughter, niece, or granddaughter, and get planning today!


Panda Birthday Party 

What little girl doesn’t love cute, cuddly panda bears? Create some panda-monium at your daughter or niece’s next birthday with a fun panda themed party. With a built-in black and white color scheme, decorating becomes a much simpler affair. Go for black and white balloons, streamers, and polka-dotted table cloths. A cute, simple panda cake or cupcakes can add a touch of sophistication to the event while still keeping it fun. And of course, mix up a big batch of kid-friendly “Panda Punch” and serve it in a big glass dispenser so everyone can get their own refills.

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Unicorn Birthday Party

As the saying goes: “Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn. Then be a unicorn”. Every little girl’s favorite mythical creature, unicorn parties are the perfect way to bring whimsy into your home. From a super fun rainbow color scheme, to “horned” desserts and even multi-color homemade slime, there are nearly endless options for putting together a great unicorn birthday party. And with plenty of DIY “Unicorn Headband” craft instructions online, your little one and her friends will have the time of their lives galloping around your party.

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Mermaid Birthday Party

Not far behind the unicorn on the mythical creatures list is the mermaid. Mermaids make for an excellent party theme for little girls, and can bring much seaside fun into your home. Make a splash with seashell décor and plenty of teal and purple accent colors. Decorate cookies with chocolate pearls, and then send the girls on a treasure hunt to find them and the rest of the “pirate’s booty”. And top the day off with a fun mermaid tail cake!

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Llama Birthday Party

Have all your guests saying “that was a llama fun” with a super cute llama themed birthday party. Make a large stuffed llama the centerpiece of the event, and if you can, host it outdoors so that the llama feels “at home”. Blankets set under old-fashioned cloth tents give the feel of being on a safari, as will sending the kids on a “find the animal” adventure around your backyard, where they work together to track down small stuffed animals you’ve hidden throughout.

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Swan Birthday Party

The most elegant of creatures, a swam party is the perfect theme for your little girl’s birthday. Build your color palette around pink and white hues, and incorporate a lot of floral elements to give it that extra special touch. Swan-shaped cookies and swan-topped cakes are always super cute, as are feather dresses that can be worn by the birthday girl!

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Tropical Birthday Party

Nothing says party quite like a festive tropical luau. Thankfully, it’s easy to say “aloha” to island life by putting together a tropic-themed birthday party for your little girl. Grass skirts for all the little guests are a cute way to get everyone into the party mood just in time to announce the hula dance or limbo competition! Once everyone is ready for refreshments, tropical punch can be served out of hallowed out pineapples, giving everyone a taste of the island right in your own home!

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Puppy Birthday Party

Puppies are the absolute cutest. You know it, I know it, and your little girl knows it too! So throw her a puppy themed birthday party she’ll never forget. From bone-shaped mini sandwiches to puppy chow, there are no shortage of puppy-themed treats you can serve to the little (human) pups. Doggy stuffed animals are the perfect (and easiest) way to decorate, and are sure to set the mood for this “paw-ty”. Bonus points for having guests bring their own puppies and adult doggies along to play with all the kids! 

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Fiesta Birthday Party

Your little girl will have a blast partying like there is no mañana with this festive, south-of-the-border themed party. A nacho bar is the perfect treat to fill up your guests upon arrival, and later in the day, let them dip their own churros into various chocolate and fruit sauces. In between, classics like pin the tail on the donkey and piñatas are sure to keep everyone entertained. And with the freedom to plan your décor around a fun, bold selection of bright colors, this party is sure to pop in photos!

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Ballerina Birthday Party 

If your daughter loves the color pink, then a ballerina themed birthday party might be just the one for her. From plenty of pink décor, to big pink tutus for the birthday girl and her little guests, there will be no shortage of pink at this party. Be sure to mix up a big batch of pink lemonade and serve it alongside pink ballet flat cookies and a ballerina cake for dessert!

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Sports Birthday Party

For the little girls that love to watch and play sports, putting together a sports-themed party is the perfect way to ensure you hit a birthday home run! You should have no problem finding banners, streamers, and even plating that carries the logo of their favorite team. Get (or make) a cake that involves the equipment of their favorite sport (e.g. a giant soccer ball and goal) and surround with sports-themed mini cupcakes for all the little guests to enjoy. And of course, be sure to set aside plenty of time for the party goers to go outside and actually play sports!

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Hopefully this list of 10 birthday party ideas for girls will give you the direction you need to plan the perfect birthday bash for the little one in your life. Have questions or want to share your own celebrations? Email us, or tag us in your party pics!

Plum Polka Dot is all about creating the perfect, special moments that help you plan celebrations that will be remembered forever – and we’re always ready to share our ideas with you!



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