Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2019
June 05, 2019

Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2019

Pop the champagne…wedding season is officially here!

With another new year of weddings, it’s time for brides-to-be everywhere to keep an eye out for the latest and greatest wedding trends. With our thumb always firmly on the pulse of all things weddings, Plum Polka Dot has compiled a list of the Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2019.

If you’re planning your own wedding for this year, here’s a chance to add a few unique last-minute touches. And for those planning nuptials for 2020 and beyond, a chance to get a jump on some great ideas that’ll really set you wedding apart.

Ready to get started? Then let’s say “I Do” to 2019’s best wedding trends:

1. Non-Traditional Bridesmaid Dresses
Gone are the days of uniform, ill-fitting bridesmaids dresses. Nothing is worse than looking and feeling uncomfortable, and decades of weddings photos can confirm that taking a one-size-fits-all approach to bridesmaids is not the best idea.

Thankfully, one of the hottest trends in weddings right now is a letting your bridesmaids chose from a variety of dresses, with each one looking a little different, and picking something that’s flattering to their own shape and style. If you still want a uniform look, brides can pre-select a few styles in the same color to ensure that there is some consistency. However, for those bold brides looking to really rock this trend, selecting a wider color pallet and allowing your ladies to choose from within can really lead to a fun, beautiful look at the altar.

2. Mixed Bridal Parties
Speaking of bridesmaids, another hot trend right now is mixing bridal parties. Usually brothers, cousins, and close male friends of the bride would end up standing in on the groom’s side, even if they were not particularly close. The same would go for any females in the groom’s life.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way anymore, as mixed bridal parties have become all the rage. Why not go for an even split of men and women on each side? It’s important to remember that this is your special day, so have whichever special people you like right by your side, tradition be damned!

3. Embracing Food & Wine
With the growth of the Food Network and Netflix cooking shows, there is no shortage of aspiring foodies in the world. If you and your significant other fall into this category, why not embrace it at your wedding?

Instead of a generic cocktail hour, show off your foodie side with a wine and cheese pairing instead. And for dinner, look into caterers willing to do small shared plates, allowing them to show off their expertise, and allowing guests a change of pace from the traditional dried-out chicken dish they’re used to at weddings.

4. Personalized Welcome Gifts & Wedding Favors
One area that brides and grooms have chosen to really step up their game is welcome bags and wedding favors. Out are the generic gifts and favors that have no meaning. Instead, couples are opting to take a more personalized route, including special meaningful items, handwritten notes, and customized wedding favors. You can find our favorite picks here.

Couples want their guests to walk away with something that’s truly special to them, and that can be used, enjoyed, and remembered for a lifetime.

5. No More “Showy” Displays
Another wedding trend that’s decidedly out right now is overly flashy, unnecessary displays. Unfortunately, weddings can sometimes become a means to show off wealth. While this was celebrated for a while (think fancy swans and doves, crystal chandeliers and centerpieces, etc.), couples have begun shifting more towards subdued, minimalist décor and venue treatments.

The name of the game in weddings right now is look, feel, and vibe. An interesting centerpiece is an interesting centerpiece, no matter if it cost $20 or $2,000!

6. Focusing on Guest Experience
While weddings have always been known as the “Bride’s Day”, 2019 trends show brides and grooms leaning into building more of an “experience” with their wedding, as opposed to having it be all about the couple.

While there is no hard or fast rule as to how to accomplish this, the best method involves putting yourself in the shoes of a typical guest, and thinking about the course of their day. Where do they arrive? How are they greeted? Are they comfortable? What can you do to make the day special for them?

The more you think about the overall guest experience, the more likely they are to have a wonderful time. And this happy energy will work its way back to the happy couple, so that everyone wins!

7. Large Floral Installations
Not surprisingly, a lot of hot trends are drawing inspiration from last year’s Royal Wedding. One such trend is large floral installations. At the entrance of St. George’s Chapel, the 2018 nuptials of Harry and Meaghan feature a large floral arch, brimming with beautiful whites and greens.

Whether it’s at the entrance to your venue or at the alter itself, a floral statement piece can really set you wedding apart, and serve as the perfect “not so little” touch that guests remember forever.

8. Ceremonies in the Round
While centuries of tradition have had the bride and the groom married at the altar with rows of guests behind them, with alternative, non-church weddings growing in popularity, why not change things up a bit?

If your venue allows, a wedding in the round is a unique twist on the traditional ceremony. Giving guests a 360-degree view not only makes it more intimate, but it makes the ceremony much more memorable.

9. Get Social!
Social media has integrated itself into nearly every aspect of our lives. So it should come as no surprise that one of the hottest trends that keeps getting hotter is finding ways to (tastefully) incorporate social media into your wedding.

The most obvious starting point would be creating a cute hashtag for guests to use. A unique hashtag ensures you’ll be able to search for everyone’s posts long after the last glass of champagne has been poured, giving you a chance to relive the night through the memories of your guests.

Once a hashtag has been selected, you’ll want to be sure it’s distributed for guests to see. Custom cocktail napkins, cute framed signs at the bar, printing it directly on the program – there are plenty of options to choose from to get the word out, so be sure to find one that fits within the theme and style of your wedding.

Another trendy way to leverage social media is by utilizing a “live social wall”. Displays can be set up around the venue, and utilizing simple software you can find online, every guest social media post that features your custom wedding hashtag will get published to the display in real time. You can literally watch your party trend right before your eyes!

10. Statement Lighting
While there will always be a place for classic uplighting at weddings, another hot trend for 2019 is statement lighting pieces.

From Chinese Lanterns to Turkish Lamps, finding a collection of unique, colorful lighting to line your aisle or dot your head table can really set off your décor, and serve the perfect textured “extra” in those wedding photos and guest ‘grams.

Nothing is more important in a wedding than having it be personal and meaningful to the couple. While we hope these 2019 wedding trends can inspire you, remember that the main inspiration you need comes from within. Plan you special day the way you want it to be enjoyed and remembered. Because when all is said and done, it’s going to be one of the most important and magical days of your life, so its best done to your vision!