Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2020
February 03, 2020

Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2020

Getting ready to tie the knot? Did someone say roaring 20’s themed weddings? Maybe, maybe not, but wedding trends this year will surely bring out the wedding lover in all of us. From the catering to the decor, to the dress, there’s so much to think about when planning your big day.

We’re talking about the top 10 wedding trends for 2020 and we couldn’t be more thrilled about all of the amazing trends that will make for an unforgettable day for everyone!

Eco Weddings

eco wedding

Have you heard of edible wedding decor? Yes, it’s a thing! More couples are pursuing the eco-centric wedding decor to make it as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. Greenery isn’t just a beautiful backdrop for the big day, it’s a statement to reduce our carbon footprint

Even menus are becoming more environmentally aware, often leaving out meat options to ensure a welcoming environment for everyone to enjoy. In a decade where we are hyper-focused on making our world a greener place, you can expect to be eating the flowers or reusing the decor. 

Many designers and wedding planners are taking part in “greener weddings” with materials, food, and decor alternatives to the typical landfill-destined ones of the past.

Next Level Photography Sessions

instagram wedding

It’s all for the ‘gram with professional photographers always looking for new ways to showcase a couple’s love for each other while also capturing their personalities and passions.

Instead of a single shoot, couples are encouraging multiple shoots to show their journey together from engagement to their wedding day. 

Couples will be getting more creative with their photos by travelling to beautiful areas for an exotic or mountainous backdrop for breathtaking photos or use their pets or other animals to accompany them in their session.

Bright & Bold Colours

bright color wedding

There’s no escaping the pops of colour for weddings this year. Gone are the days of neutrals where simplicity was a classic. No wedding in 2020 will be complete without bright florals, big and bold wedding decor and grand features that will make it as memorable as possible for everyone.

You can expect to see more patterns, fun color palettes and statement mixing. If you have a favorite color, use it in as many places as possible. Surprise your guests with that color in places they wouldn’t suspect.

Statement Veils

wedding veil

Jaw dropping veils will make their debut as exaggerated statement pieces that will surely steal the show. From lacey to floral and everything in between, we’ll see brides taking the leap for longer veils. 

On the other hand, shorter, elbow length veils with intricate designs will also be showcased on many brides that are looking to lose the extra material for a lighter, airy look. 

In a Land Far, Far Away…

    destination wedding

    Destination weddings are still a top trend, while traditional wedding venues are becoming less common. Picture yourself on a beach in Greece or in the citadels of Italy while you say “I do.” Celebrating with family and friends while seeing the world certainly makes for an unforgettable day. 

    Destination weddings are also amazing because the honeymoon can be spent in the same place, or in other nearby locales. 2020 is expected to bring out more intimate family and friend gatherings, and destination weddings pair nicely with that trend.

    It’s All in the Details

    best wedding favors

    This year is all about the details. Nothing about 2020 weddings will be overlooked. Even the smallest wedding favors will match the theme. Looking for the perfect, elegant favor for your guests? Use Plum Polka Dot’s Swarovski Crystal Stemware Charms as not only a unique way to mark your glasses, but also as a lovely keepsake to remind your loved ones about the memories they made on your special day. These charms are available in 45 different colors to accent absolutely every color palette. Each charm is made with the highest quality silver plated beads and charm hoop, then finished off with a genuine Swarovski crystal. We also offer a wide selection beautiful wedding printables to ensure that each and every signage opportunity becomes another chance at attention to detail.

    Creativity to Entertain

    Do you want your wedding to stand out? Start getting creative with the way your food is served, your dessert tables’ structure or the layout of your tables and chairs. This year is all about going big with the most creativity winning hearts.

    Gone are chocolate fountains and the same old thing. Wedding cakes are now towering donuts and intricate pieces of art that look too good to eat!

    Aside from the food, couples are now entertaining their guests with exotic dancers, opera singers and many more!

    Matching Couples' Jackets

    matching wedding jackets

    Photo: FreshPress Cie

    You may have seen this trend start in 2019 but it is definitely going to be a trend that continues to grow. Couples are purchasing matching black leather or denim jackets embroidered with “Mr” and “Mrs” on the back. These jackets are a fun reception piece and make for fun photos

    Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses

    non traditional wedding dress

    Photo: MenaryWeddings

    Whether the dress is draped in florals or is a sexy jumpsuit, brides are taking risks with their wedding attire choices. In 202 we may even see less pure white or off-white dresses and more reds, yellows or blues!

    Your big day is a day where your personality gets to shine, and that’s what brides this year are planning. Bold, fun and beautiful wedding attire that is not only comfortable but fashionable.

     Jaw-Dropping Signature Pieces

    wedding arches

    From ice sculptures to floral arches, couples are becoming creative with personal pieces that give their guests something to talk (and ‘gram) about. Ideas for these pieces can include framed mirrors with the guests’ names and table numbers in beautiful calligraphy, chalkboards for guests to write sweet messages, polaroid cameras for groups of guests to capture all of the fun moments that they can cherish for a lifetime. 

    wedding stationery

    Weddings are an exciting time for everyone filled with love, celebration and long-lasting memories and at Plum Polka Dot, we want to be a part of your special day. Browse Plum Polka Dot for more wedding favors, stationery, gifts, and decor.